Sales professional Shirley Umamoto excels in training sales people by example and expanding existing markets for increased profitability.  Her problem-solving skills have generated practical business solutions for management and personnel alike. Her broad experience has been gained in a fast-paced and highly changeable environment, and her expertise includes effective interactions with others, handling high-volume workloads and meeting strict deadlines.

Shirley Umamoto was a key player at Insphere in San Jose, CA, from 1994 until 2012.  Insphere provides insurance products to self-employed individuals and families via 2,500+ national sales agents. Ms. Umamoto was a sales leader who also hired, developed, managed and reviewed new and existing agents to maximize sales and growth.  Shirley developed long-term agent relationships and was responsible for her own sales quota in addition to managing her team.  One of her primary contributions at Insphere was to analyze management data to identify emerging trends and capitalize on new business opportunities.  To this end, she developed new sales initiatives and implemented key sales strategies to maximize profits.

From 1991 until 1994, Shirley Umamoto was a sales leader at Circuit City in Salinas, CA.  She helped to open the Salinas store and led her department team to a high level of sales and profitability.  Her responsibilities included training, managing and developing her sales staff, as well as analyzing management data to identify trends and implement highly profitable marketing strategies.

Ms. Umamoto began her sales career at Tandy Name Brand Electronics in Salinas, CA.  Starting out in 1986 working her way up from sales, she quickly was promoted from the ranks due to her sales performance and ability to lead others. In 1989 to 1990 she was the store manager for this retail electronics store, interviewing, managing and developing her staff by implementing new sales initiatives and innovative marketing strategies.  She analyzed management data and zeroed in on ways to increase growth.  Shirley reviewed monthly profit and loss data to ensure maximum profitability and was responsible for her own sales along with managing her team.  Consistent with her skills in building and keeping a winning sales team in 1989 and in 1990, Shirley Umamoto achieved the number  one rank as the Top National Store Manager, along with Top Store in Profitability.


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